Home solar that makes sense

Vutiliti is versatile enough to help save money on any solar project without much effort.

  • Anyone can install in less than two minutes

  • Real-time solar power monitoring

  • Alerts to reduce usage and save money

  • Set savings goals for actionable results

  • Make the most of your solar investment

Spare your wallet

At last, intuitive solar monitoring is available to homeowners. With Vutiliti you can set energy savings goals, be alerted on how to conserve, and see your savings measured in dollars.

Spare your mind

With HotDrop, you can have a secure, unobtrusive system, for monitoring your home solar. The Vutiliti app will watch your usage and savings, with timely alerts on how to cut back.

Spare our planet

You made a smart investment for your home and the planet. Your part counts, and with HotDrop you can count on timely alerts, and actionable tips on how you can use even less energy to save the planet.

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