Open. Clip. Close. Installed.

It’s really that fast. At the end of the day, you need a quick and clean install that anyone can understand, and that’s what we’ve created. An installation process that is so simple, it’s finished in minutes. No wires, no drills, no holes. A faster install is a cheaper install, and that boosts your profit.

  • Install in less than two minutes

  • Designed for the toughest environments

  • Actionable energy consumption insights

  • Mobile experiences for you and your clients

  • Intuitive and obvious user experience

Ensure your contracts close

Industry wide, almost half of the signed solar contracts cancel before installation. Customers get cold feet, or their excitement wears off. Keep them engaged and excited from Day 1 by installing HotDrops when they sign. They’ll have daily alerts and guidance through our addictive Spark app that guides them on their actual energy use and budget. It’s like “FitBit” for energy. Because it’s interactive, they’ll be hooked on smarter energy products. An engaged customer is a committed customer.

Accurately estimate projects

You need to forecast exactly what a project size needs to be. Lenders can be demanding, especially on larger projects. No problem! Get real-time and complete historical information on a proposed site from the moment HotDrops are installed. Remove them when you’re done, or keep them on permanently to comply with audits or to just monitor quality.

Everything under one roof

We put all your inverter data in one place. When you sell more than one brand, you’ve had to log into different platforms, and manually put things together for a big picture view. Not anymore! Vutiliti interfaces with top inverter brands, centralizing information into one system, and giving you one simple view. From one easy interface you can can forecast your business and proactively respond to customer issues.

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