Check the tech that makes magic

Technology to fundamentally change how you monitor energy

Wireless Monitoring

Wireless means no attenuation, no loss of data, and insanely fast installation.

No Wires, No Batteries

Open. Click. Close. It's that easy.

Secure Data Transmission

All data is transmitted using industry standard RSA encryption.


Real-time Data Collection

Real-time means right now, not yesterday, not a month ago.


We leverage the latest in radio technology so that HotDrops transmit for miles, not feet.

Durable Hardware

We designed the HotDrop to run for decades. In fact, we warrant the device for the life of service.

HotDrop Tech Specs

  • Power AC, 50-60Hz

  • Battery LifeNo batteries needed

  • ConnectivityLoRa, LoRaWAN and BLE

  • Amp Ratings30A, 100A, 300A, 600A, and various other sizes.

  • Max Transmit DistanceUp to ten miles

  • Setup RequirementsAndroid, iOS

  • WarrantyLimited lifetime

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